Not Dead, Just Tweaking

OK. So maybe brown isn’t the most attractive colour. (Lisa will back me on that one.) But hey, this site is now legible in Internet Explorer (damn it’s dark soul to hell) and Firefox. I have no Mac – so Kartar or Catboy or Tony might be able to check that angle? Oh, and I already know that it sucks in Opera. This whole debacle was prompted by a meek inquiry from Ian (our kindly Rosebank host), who wanted to know how to get to the archives… Then I tried to fix things, the whole site went under and the weather got hotter and hotter and hotter…white singlets glared at me from the clothesline and the garden went limp. Now it’s back. I’m going to try and treat it better.


It’s all awry…


Chauffers & Snakes


  1. Sorry to disappoint but I only have a Windows machine. Mind you I might use this comment to take to my gal and say ‘look, people expect me to have a mac so I have to go and buy a Mini Mac right now’.

  2. Ah. Feel free to use this as a ‘get me a Mac’ tool. I’m leaning that way myself….am going to google ‘Mini Mac’ right now!

  3. Me neither I am afraid – no Mac. Though in Firefox I notice a brown line about the top post (just above the title) that seems to be out of place. Happy to take a deeper look when I don’t have to run and stir the risotto every ten seconds. 🙂

  4. RISOTTO? The magic word! Oh – now I have a terrible craving. Bugger it.
    If you could take a look at the famous ‘brown line’ I would appreciate it – it’s something to do with the CSS file. But as I am a CSS and PHP craptastic loser, I can’t seem to fix it….

  5. Beth – it’s to do with the #content and .post CSS. At the top and bottom of the #content div the background creeps in – the div only stretches to the size of the material in it. Not sure the best way to fix it. It’s a little messy.

  6. If I could figure out a way to have the whole site CSS based and do away with tables, I would. But I am further away than you would believe from being in anyway useful with css – all I do is tweak and tweak and lose hours of my life….

  7. Yes. Tables are what is making it hard to puzzle out. I’ll pinch your CSS and HTML tonight and re-write the tables into CSS over the next day or so if you like?

  8. Really?
    That would be cooler than cool.
    Brace yourself for what you see – it’s probably a complete quagmire…
    I owe you BIG time!

  9. I have a fine layout in Firefox for you but fucking IE and in its no standards way refused to cooperate. I’ll email what I’ve done to you. At least should give you an idea in FF. I’ll try to puzzle out the IE stuff.

  10. I am so glad that it made you get angsty too! Will check email – it appears to be dead at present

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