The bank approved me! [Cue: wild dancing] It is such a nice feeling to talk to the evil people at (for example) GE Finance and say “Oh. I’m overdue? By more than a month? That’s terrible. Well, I can’t talk now, but I will be paying the entire amount off in full within the next two weeks, so it’s quite alright if you’d like to hang up and hassle some other poor debt-swamped person trying to grapple with the Harvey Norman fuelled revelation of ’12-months-interest-free-is-up-already? Your charging me how much interest?’

In other news, this site is claggy. I tried to change my links to become more google friendly, as deep down, I’m just a tawdry fame slut out for every link I can get, but in the process broke many things, including archives (thank you Ian, for pointing that out, you Byron Bay hippy). So I think tonight I’m going to try a [gulp] revamp. In the meantime you can get to archives here.