B: When you got your swimmers off the clothesline, you got mine too, right?
M: Ummmmm….
B: (pleadingly) Right?
M: Well, nooooo. I just got mine off the line.
B: But mine were there too. We’re going swimming. Why didn’t you just grab mine as well?
M: [deep breath – male logic approaching] I didn’t see your swimmers. I don’t know about your swimmers. There seems to be so many different bits and pieces that you wear swimming, I wouldn’t have even known what to look for. I mean [he gets more animated] sometimes there’s bits with strings, and sometimes there’s those little shorts, and sometimes the ones that look kind of like undies [he gets scorched by a glare] – well sort of like undies, and so I…
B: There are two words for you.
M: And they would be?
B: The first one is INEPT and the second one is BUMBLING. Forget it. I’ll swim in my shorts.