Coffee with mushroom

My pay came through. So, after doing a sad little budget, we went and spent it on exciting things like plugs, earth terminals, extension cords and numbers for the letterbox. We scooted around town, list in hand, feeling very worthy (as you do when you are successfully sticking to a list).

Later in the afternoon, it was time to go home – we decided to get some basil from the supermarket to make pesto – our favourite food of choice. M was kind to me and said he would brave the supermarket alone. I gave him a letter to post and settled down with my book.

M came back to the van with a rustle of plastic bag and a big grin.
“They didn’t have any basil, but I got us other stuff. I’m going to make you the most divine dinner.”
I began to bounce. “Hurrah, hurrah!”
He passed through the bag, and then got in behind the wheel.
I looked in the bag. There was a packet of coffee. There was a mushroom the size of a guinea-pig. That was it. I looked at M.
“You’re going to make us dinner out of coffee and a mushroom?”
He looked petulant.
I began to laugh helplessly.
“Shut up, shut up. You don’t know. It will be a beautiful dinner.”

We got home. M fixed the water pump, I dug dirt. M tried to fix the whippersnipper, I planted out my seedlings. M set up a light in the laundry, I painted the bedroom window handles. When we finally got inside I looked at M.
“So when are you going to make our fabulous coffee mushroom dinner?”
“Don’t start. I caught a rat last night. Give me respect.”

Suddenly I remembered M coming into the room at what must have been about 3am last night to tell me gleefully that a little bush rat was in the trap he had set. I thought it had just been some kind of odd dream. He let it go this morning and it bounded away like a speeding Skippy.


A Good Day


And we sail, upon the sea…


  1. Rae

    Ok, I just have to know what he made you for dinner now (when you mentioned the bush rat, I got a little worried that he was going to serve it up and I was most glad to hear he set it free!)

  2. No – my dinner wasn’t lightly sauteed rat. He threw together some wholemeal pasta with butter, garlic, hot salami and….MUSHROOM! No coffee at all!

  3. no coffee? i hope he was punished severely!

  4. no coffee? i hope he was punished severely!

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