A Good Day

Before today leaves me completely jaded, I have to remember to write about the most excellent day I had yesterday. It isn’t often that you have a day that, before you go to bed, you can think of and say ‘…today was a bloody good day!’ But yesterday was one of those days. Nothing too particular. I got a lot of desk-work done. M was a champion and cleaned out all the miscellaneous crap out from under the house and loaded most of it on the trailer. He also laid the pavers that he has been laboring over – we have twenty! They took a while to make, as M created two molds and had to mix up each lot of concrete in a bucket, but it saved us money and they look spesh. Rachael’s lightshade contribution also boosted our spirits, as did I when I finally located where I’d hidden all the window handles for the bedrooms. M put up some beautiful curly cornerpieces in the window frame that looks on to the back room – they look like a million dollars (but cost $5 from the Tip Shop), and I washed the Humber and made it sparkle.

My pay didn’t come through, so we used the dregs of the credit card to go and get ingredients for dinner and some beer. A six-pack of BeezNeez – my friend Ellise’s beer of choice. I created M a Tofu & Sweet Potato Curry with Coconut Rice (as we were invited to a curry night in Melbourne last weekend, and failed to attend – can’t imagine why) and he genuflected at me several times. Then we watched the New Inventors Grand Final. Oh my god there were some impressive inventions. And the inventor that won was actually a bit of a hottie (the photo of him on the ABC site is a bad one). M then slept on me through the documentary on Tupperware, which I thought was kind of interesting, and then sloped off to bed before it finished. But I was on a roll. I opened my last beer, kicked back on the couch with a Milo bar (although I’m not too keen on it’s reincarnation – I think they’ve wrecked it) and watched ‘Shacks‘. Oh how I love this show – and I just found out that it’s also a book! I told M today that we will have to head to Tassie and buy a block of land purely for the purpose of a shack. He is very familiar with the west coast, and is sounding increasingly convinced. Oops. Have to sell this house first. D’oh. The music by Mick Thomas was perfect, and it was great to see the author Richard Flanagan on his home turf.

After it finished I went and HUNG SOME CLOTHES [deep breath – haven’t hung clothes for 18 months] in my New Wardrobe, and then went to bed. A splendid day. I’m glad it is now recorded.

[N.B. – note the photocopied article on the Pixies in the December edition of UnCut magazine. Big thanks to D.H for posting it up…]


Shine the Light


Coffee with mushroom


  1. Rie

    I also sat up that night and watched Tupperware and Shacks. The music being played in the background was driving me crazy – I knew it, but couldn’t place it. Finally, it came to me. The Breeders “Driving on 9”. How surprised was I to find it was an original by Mick Thomas? What do you think, Beth? Am I mad? Musically befuddled? I was so sure!

  2. You know, I always thought that The Breeders wrote “Driving on 9” but I’ve looked it up and it’s actually written by a band called Ed’s Redeeming Qualities!
    The Breeders covered it!
    (…at one of our first party gigs, we covered it, but sang ‘Driving All Night’ because that’s what we thought it was…EMBARASSMENT!)

  3. I don’t rate the new Milo Bar either so I just started a petition to bring the original one back. Please sign it and send it on to all you know!

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