A weekend of many highs and a momentary low on Saturday night when M chucked a tanty, stamped away from his computer (the object of his ire) and tripped on the cable of my dvd burner that I had lent him to use. It fell three feet from the table and smacked to the floor. The hard, wooden floor. He was still too annoyed to be adequately apologetic and I stalked off to bed with my M replacement (laptop) and stayed furious until I got some serious grovelling just before noon the next day. Grrr. Am too scared to try the dvd burner, because I know if it doesn’t work I’ll get angry all over again. Anger management, anger management. Last night I got a contrition fuelled dinner of whiting and steamed vegies with magic sauce – and although he’d consumed a whole bottle of red, M then washed up everything. This is a happy house indeed!

Saturday saw us driving to Maryborough, where our priorities again went askew. At the time of typing we have ten whole dollars until Wednesday – rates are owing on the house, the Humber is unregistered and we owe serious money to the boat storage people in Melbourne. However. We went past a garage sale in Maryborough, and there were about five wardrobes and dressing tables sitting out in the garden. Not in the best condition, but that old deco kind that would sell for big bucks in the city when they were cleaned up a bit [swoon]. I found a little wardrobe (similar to the one owned by Mr J Honeybone, age 3, that I have previously lusted for) and somehow it became mine. So did the $5 pawpaw tree that they had in a pot. I wish I could have bought all the furniture, because it was all old solid stuff – and none of it was more than $50 [sigh]. The people wanted to get rid of it because they were getting ‘built-ins’. I didn’t point out that they had no soul. I could tell that already from the wax on the front of my wardrobe, and the face cream smeared on the side.

Then we went to another garage sale and it was as if the fates were taunting us. The first thing we saw when walking up the driveway were windows (with accompanying rubber seals) for a HiAce van. Our Van. Our exact 1984 model. They were only $10. We had to have them. Didn’t want to mess with fate. The whole point of our excursion was to find window glass for the study – which is missing about nine panes of glass. No luck there. We have one more place to try and then we have to start looking at other options (like getting glass that doesn’t match). Meanwhile I have mowed more grass this week than most people do in a year, and have spent much time cursing the freakazoid woman who used to live here. She kindly buried carpet in the garden, along with various other things like clothes, tiles, plastic, zippers (?!) and general crud. I got to dig them all out on Friday. It took all day.