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Two Nostrils. I have Two Nostrils

Big cheers to M! After a very hard day which exausted me to the point of raggydoll flop – he gave me a glass of white wine (with iceblocks in it) and let me sit on the couch while he cooked me a very very nice dinner. I am feeling much better, both from my exausting day and from my last week of horror-flu. My stamina is lacking – but that may also be to do with the hot weather. Today two of my ‘please plant me in the full sun’ plants were burnt. Burnt! By the sun! What to do? Ah – that’s right, sell up, leave for Melbourne and worry about Melbourney things. Like – do I have my little collapsible umberella? And – am I wearing too many layers? And – hmmm, which pub will I go to tonight?

M received karmic goodness before his good deed of cooking today, when we found him an excellent backpack for five dollars. It’s a very good one (so I’m told). He has modelled it for me and I have applauded his instant hiker-cred.


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  1. a good backpack is essential to melbourne living as well, for which to store and pull out your many layers at many different times during the day when temperatures rise and fall at the whims of Mother Nature.

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