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William Tell

M introduced me to the term ‘the tell’. It’s when you do something that gives you away – e.g. like when John Howard says he knows nothing about something and blames his advisers – that’s a tell that he’s lying (and oh, what fun the next three l-o-n-g years are going to be…). Thankfully my boss has a tell – or I would have probably lost my job at least thirty-seven times already. He has a terribly annoying habit of clearing his throat. Constantly. So whenever he is slinking up behind me when I am, for example, blogging in the Qantas Lounge – I always get enough warning to switch to the other page I have open in the background. Usually something like this. I am aware I am breaking an essential rule of blogging here i.e. ‘never discuss your workplace online or you may be dooced‘ however, sometimes it’s necessary to either vent – or rampage through the airport causing a national incident. Gah.


Club Lounge Recovery



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  1. Missjenjen

    Please be careful re: blogging at work, speaking from personal experience!!!

    But ALT+TAB was always my favourite key combination…. 😉

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