M & J drank two of those litre bottles of red wine last night! Chris and I stuck to a couple of beers and stayed up to watch it all fall apart 😉
This morning I let the cats out of their nighttime quarters, rescued a little dragonfly with a wet wing from the only drop of water in the kitchen sink and shorted out the safety switch on the house by trying to boil the kettle without any water. M is outside back to sanding Oomoo. He checked the website last night and was truly horrified at what we have spent so far. I tried to explain that we would never have been able to buy a little boat outright, so paying for it in dribs and drabs is actually the best (and only) way for us to do it. I don’t understand how he’s standing, let alone sanding, after his efforts last night. He hasn’t even had breakfast yet. I’m off to make a pot of tea.