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A Full Day

The local paper, that arrives on Thursdays when the rubbish gets collected, contained marvellous bounty. There was a Suzuki 3.5hp outboard motor advertised for $150 – just what I need for Oomoo – so this morning we went and checked it out. You don’t need a license for anything up to 4 horsepower, so this was perfect. The guy who was selling it seemed very nice and honest – let this be a warning. We had a look at the motor, watched him start it up – and didn’t blink when he said “I’ll just put the cowling back on it now it’s running.” The cowling (I learnt) is the lid that sits on top of the motor. Later, after we’d laid out the money and congratulated ourselves on a good buy, we realised he’d done this because there was some corrosion that lets water leak through. Bastard. So now we are weighing our options – I am erring towards turning up at his place and starting a sit-in and refusing to leave until he gives me at least $50 so I can get it fixed. Gah.

Next on the agenda was another advertisement in the paper – one that made M gasp and his small eye water. There was a Sailfish for sale. For $100. We took one look and snapped it up (we shall be living on rice for the next fortnight) – and in doing so got Oomoo completely fitted out with all the bits and pieces that would have cost us untold millions if we’d bought them at a chandlery. Also, it saved M from building a mast and boom – he is very thankful. For pictures, see mysmallboat.com I spent the rest of the day putting in plants and painting stumps grey. Beth’s Shade of Charcoal, actually.




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  1. Rae

    Bargains are brilliant, but what a bummer that bloke ripped you off for the motor. If in your shoes, I’d love to go and demand a refund, but being the non-confrontational type, I doubt I would. Hope you can get it fixed for cheap…

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