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Ebay Saves My Life

Buying things on Ebay gives a strange kind of satisfaction. Although you’ve actually paid hard cash for your item – it almost feels like a present when it appears in the post. The money that changes hands is intangible – usually flying through the air via Deposit Express – and because I don’t tend to buy hugely expensive items (after The Case of the Stolen Laptop) the impact on my bank balance is fairly minimal. My Saint magazine from the other day cost about $3 and my new Humber Poster was about $6. It arrived yesterday – an original advertisement for my exact model – it is soooo funny. There’s a picture of a chauffeur driving an older man in hat and glasses reading an ‘important document’ while smoking a cigar. Pure class. Then the advertisement reads:

As it happens, more Humber Super Snipes are chauffeur driven than any other car. But most Super Snipe owners are selfish [yes – it’s true – I’m selfish, and that’s why I have no chauffeur]. They want the thrill of piloting this beauty for themselves. And in the case of Humber, beauty is not just skin deep. every Humber is precision engineered to the last nut and bolt. That’s why Humber is the accepted name for quality – an image justly earned by two great cars, the fully automatic Super Snipe [mine] and the compact Vogue [my sister’s – it’s so dinky]. Got your eye on a Humber? You’ve got your eye on the finest car in Australia.

Also – it has the prices of what the car cost in (I’m assuming) about 1965 (it’s a 1964 model). So now I’m scouring the web to find how to translate £2,039 into current value…Oh – and if anyone is living near Sydney – there is a car the same as mine, but a different colour, for sale on ebay for only $1000. I swear – if the house was sold and I was back in Melbourne I’d snap it up. [mope].


Small Eye for the Straight Guy


Bad Me.


  1. Beth – am thinking of buying that baby myself. Any thoughts? Any advice? Any gotchas?

  2. Oh my goodness.
    I am excited!!
    Um. OK. Pep talk. I have had this model car for [gasp] 12 years – in that time I’ve spent less than $2000 on fixing things, and if you cancel out the last two years – I’d actually spent nothing. I’ve got the original engine from my Series IV that I dropped into a different Series IV body that had less rust and a better paintjob. They are VERY simple cars to work on – all the electrics run off two fuses – under the bonnet, you could basically play a game of footy – there’s so much room. I would assume that they will find things that may get in the way of a roadworthy (particularly because from what I know, evil NSW makes you get it checked EVERY year?), but I would also assume that these things would be fairly easy to fix – particularly if you become a member of the Humber Club, which can put you in touch with other Humber people, and thus…parts.
    [Tangent]. A month ago the RACQ guy said my generator was dead. The auto-elec I went too said that my voltage regulator was dead too. He quoted me $400. I paled. I got a generator sent up from Melbourne via my Dad, via the club and went to a different auto elec who charged me $100 to fit it AND replace the voltage regulator with a new one. Basically if you find the right mechanic – stuff doesn’t cost too much. People who love Humbers will always help you out ;o)

    1) It WILL have rust. They all have rust. Particularly in the bottom of the doors and around the bottom of the boot. If you’re unlucky – also around the windscreens. Cross your fingers on that one.
    2) For the rust reason it’s best to keep them under cover.
    3) On a practical rather than a romantic note. If you just need a classy car and aren’t really interested in restoring it, you could do WAAAAY worse. They do use a bit of petrol – but I’ve just worked my way through my first ever tank of Premium Unleaded (I’d always used LRP before) plus some of that High Octane squirty stuff they sell at servos, and it’s quite a bit more efficient, and runs better too.
    4) That’s a Hillman Minx sitting next to it – I got my ex that exact same car for $250! I digress….
    5) I don’t know how keen you are, you obviously need to drive it. It should cruise. You might want to contact a club member (though this is probably overkill – I have a list with ones in Enfield and Epping…I have no idea where they are)
    6) Um. I don’t know, just listen to it and see if it sounds nice. See that it changes gears OK. Take a look at the records this guy has, because they may indicate what work has been done on it – what’s been replaces, reconditioned etc.

    Thats my two cents. Maybe bid on it but sort it with the guy first that you’ll only pay up after taking for a ride and eyeballing it.

    Good luck!

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