I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but about a month ago my boss inquired whether the house was on the market yet. I said it wasn’t, did he want to buy it? He said he’d thought about it. The next I heard on this train of thought was when he said that his wife’s sister would like to look at the house, as she was going to be nearby. I provided directions, the flooplan, pictures, etc. and thought no more about it. My boss is completely vague at the best of times; so when he said last week that this woman would be in town this weekend, and could she come and have a look, I was amazed. M and I tidied rabidly, thank god, because they rang this morning and turned up around lunchtime. It was a little odd, because the woman let slip that it wasn’t her that was interested in the house – she was here to scope for my boss and his wife!? Very weird. Anyway, she and her husband stayed for over two hours, drank some coffee, looked around a bit – it was all a little strange as they never really referred to why they were here, and we were too shy to ask.

Anyway, they loved the house, but it will probably come to nothing. We’re not really fussed, because the house still needs a carport and the garden fixed up, so we’re not really thinking of selling right now – but still – it’s good to follow up all leads – who knows?