You Bounder

Until last night I’d missed the series of Pride & Prejudice. However, last night I made up for my lack of Darcy-watching. I prepared beforehand by cooking dinner for M and myself, and bringing out, with many a flourish, a bottle of white that I’d managed to successfully hide from him for THREE DAYS. Once I had him thus cornered I was then able to extract a promise that he would not speak during the next hour, and if he did speak, he was not to mock, groan or eyeroll in any way. (This is all related to the Points System, which was explained here.)

This allowed me to concentrate fully on Pride & Prejudice, and I was astonished to realise that since I had last seen it, I had completely forgotten what a cad Mr Darcy really was, particularly at the time of his first (and most thoughtlessly worded) proposal of marriage to Miss Elizabeth Bennet. He was a true and utter bastard! No wonder he had to do a lake scene – it was probably just to get all the female viewers back on side! I mean, he can smoulder and brood with the best of them, but when it comes to proposing to someone by explaining that he is sick of feeling discomfited by being violently in love with them, can’t he just have her permission to get into her pants, and, oh, by the way, he’s not at all sorry about ruining her favourite sister’s only chance at true love – and don’t even attempt to discuss Mr Wickham – it’s a bit much. Now I have to wait A Whole Week for the next episode – torment.




Under Water


  1. Rae

    Cad he may be, but I agree; smoulder, he does!

  2. Ren

    Beth! You HAVE to watch “A Regency Houseparty” that’s on before P&P (which, btw, is my favourite period show EVER). It’s such a cool show. And yes, I must agree, Mr Darcy – cad but oh so devine… when played by and excessively yummy Colin Firth. *melt*

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