After some long distance counselling and overt suggestions my debt ridden Small Brother is going to make his way home from London. He called to ask whether we would still be in Queensland in October. I said, hoping hard, probably not. M then laughed hysterically, so I had to call back and say we would definitely still be in Queensland, probably until I’ve become a dim-sim shaped One Nation voter; at least 2007. Thus it has come to pass that Small Brother will be winging his way to Hervey Bay (well, Brisbane) mid-October. Huzzah! We will make him, if he stays longer than two weeks, pay his rent in beer – and drink it all ourselves whilst he lies, unconsious with boredom, on the floor. Am not sure what he thinks there is to do here, however I will endeavour to turn him into a gardener and cat tamer. The one thing I’m dreading is having he and M together – they will bond again over puerile humour, lesbian innuendo and cheap red. Oh, the humanity.


My Boat


You Bounder

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  1. Tom

    I have one word for that: carpet!

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