Have spent the morning (finally) dealing with my car problems. I called the RACQ and a grumpy man came out – the same one I had a month ago – and diagnosed my battery and my generator as ‘stuffed’. Well. At least I know. I thoughtfully gave M my mobile this morning (he having left his in Melbourne – presumably at the house of Honeybone) when he went into town and I was able to call him and instruct him to go into Repco and say the word ‘Humber’. I arranged this with the Repco guy over the phone, after we had painstakingly established what kind of battery would be best. I also made an appointment with the auto-electrician (thank goodness for M’s brilliant brother-in-law for giving me the nod on the good places to go – not that people often willingly rip off a girl with a Humber, but the possibility is always lurking) and the panel beater, who happens to be next door to the auto-elec place and promised to pop over whilst the generator is being fixed (all pray) and give me a quote on my poor car door. So now I am feeling very competent.
Puppybird is beside himself with joy that we are home and flew into the house this morning at 8am to demand cheese. I did an experiment today to see if he’d eat bread and he completely snubbed it. Cheese is all he will accept. I hope this doesn’t mean his life will be a short fat happpy one – I want it to be long fat and happy. I took this photo ten minutes ago, sitting here at my desk.

Puppybird snubbing the bread on my study window sill