Sleeping Rough

Friday night we had a lovely dinner at D & R’s house and M and I dossed down on the floor of their study for one of the best sleeps of our journey. We took D & R out to breakfast in the morning and got driven to the airport for our efforts 😉
It was so nice to have someone with me on the plane!! We sat right up the front next to the door where everyone comes in, which was moderately exciting. Once we hit Brisbane we took the excellent airtrain to Brunswick Street Station and walked from there to M’s niece’s place. Our van was so delighted to see us that it started first go! It was good to be back under our own steam. We cruised Brisbane and I ooohed and ahhhed at all the gorgeous Queenslander houses [sigh] and then, after muddling our way for about an hour, we went to see i-Robot (mostly because M, in his frenzy of Melbourne culture, had seen every other film that was playing). I kind of liked the premise, and I liked the robots, but the script? Not great. The plot seemed to fall off the rails quite often.

After the film we headed back to Newfarm (getting lost numerous times and entrapped on the wrong side of the river by the evil positioning of the Storey Bridge) and found somewhere to eat. Having a few bucks spare to do this kind of thing is a novelty for us – and it was divine. However we didn’t really have enough spare cash to warrant paying for accomodation – particularly since we’d thrown a mattress and a few sleeping bags into the van before we’d left home. So at about 10:30pm, after a glass of red and a gelati, we parked out the front of M’s nieces place and tried sleeping in the van for the first time. I spent the night kind of molded around the wheel cavity and woke up at every noise, expecting;

  • to ohave to listen to a drunk weeing outside near where my head was
  • to be rammed by a passing car
  • for someone to break in and steal the van with us in it
  • for the police to bust us for sleeping in a vehicle
  • for M’s niece to knock on the door and ask why we hadn’t come to say hi

Suffice to say, I slept sporadically. We woke just after 6am, and M stretched. Suggested we might get going, and began to get out of his sleeping bag. There was the noise of a car pulling up behind us and M hit the floor with a soft whumping sound. Out of the last seven hours we’d just spent in the van, he’d chosen the exact same minute to sit up that a car with his niece in it had pulled up behind us. Luckily, from what M could see, his niece was in no condition to notice that there was a dead woolly mammoth parked out the front of her house, let alone a slightly shabby white van. We lay low for another half an hour and then got dressed. M wanted to wee into a bottle again, so I said that would be fine with me as long as I was in the front of the van at the time. After he’d finished exclaiming over the voluminous contents of his bladder, we set off to Wynnum for breakfast.


Stealing Samosas




  1. Kat

    I’m really sorry to be this picky (it’s the Lynne Truss of spelling in me) but niece is spelt N-I-E-C-E, not N-E-I-C-E. Didn’t you learn your “I before E except after C” rule? Sorry sorry sorry. Oh dear. I’ve turned into a pedant (and my mother). Had to say it though.

  2. beth

    you are absolutely right – I was looking askance at it as I was typing, but couldn’t decide [sigh]
    I sit corrected. And I *really* want to read that book btw!

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