Stealing Samosas

Last night we went out to Aussie Indian Trendy Cuisine. With a name like that, the night couldn’t fail. After an afternoon at work that threatened my sanity, leaving my camera and various necessities in the office when I left and then having my phone run out of juice, I was ready to kick in the head of anything that got between me and my dinner. We all ordered an entree and a main. The entrees came out fairly quickly and everyone seemed to tuck in, chatting about the day and asking Mung about his last two days at Baby Sleep School (it’s true!). In the pause between courses, Mung and Ellise seemed to be looking for something. I realised that neither of them had got their entree.
I looked at Mung. “Did you get your entree?”
Mung looked resignedly to the person on his right. “I think M ate it.”
What? What did you order?”
“A samosa.”
I turned to Ellise. “What did you order?”
“A samosa.”
Finally I fastened my gaze on M. Evil M. Can’t-take-anywhere M. “What did you order?”
M had the gall to not even blink. “Samosas.”
M’s faux pas began to dawn on us all. “How many?”
M burped fatly. “Three.”
There was a chorus of disapproval. Mung was still resigned, but Ellise wanted blood – and her samosa.
“You ate THREE? You ate Mungs, and Ellises – you had a bit of mine as well, and some of Daves!”
M had the grace to try to look humble while Ellise hunted for the waiter, who looked at M with a mixture of admiration and disgust.
“I began to feel a bit full by the time I got to the third one,” explained M, “but they were so nice. I thought they were All For Me.”
Dave looked at M and shook his head. “Are you embarrassed to be out with him?” he asked me.
I eyerolled. “I can’t even begin to tell you. You haven’t even heard about the wee in the bottle story or the mu-mu shoes.”


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  1. Kat

    Hehe. File under G for “He’s a Growing Lad” and hope for the best?
    Alternatively, tell them that if they really want their samosas, they can have them, and see how long it takes them to no longer want their samosas (or the rest of their food) after they watch you attempt to make M sick.
    Just kidding.

  2. Ren

    Oh lord. I would have thumped him. Hard.

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