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Funds Deliver Relief

I spent a small chunk of today gazing at my account balance online. I looked like Cartman, when he is especially joyful. The bank delivered! Huzzah! Thus M and I (with stern reminders to each other that the money must be spent on the house and some of it saved for moving south) drove into town and bought a slab (sorry…a carton in Queenslandese) of Coopers Sparkling Ale, a bottle of Jamiesons Run Chardonnay, a chocolate eclair and went on a big stonking $100 supermarket blitz. All very affirming for me – Taureans take great comfort in material objects, particularly if they can eat them too.

Then we hit the op-shop, and as well as a shirt and a jumper, found a totally cool set of six matching chairs and a table – 1950’s laminex style. The kind that people flog off as ‘retro cool’ at Camberwell Market for $200 or so. Up here in Hervey Bay there is little call for ‘retro cool’, and we snapped it up for $80. M is now out the back tending the fire, and I have wrapped up the four fish he caught this morning (he was in a solitary, masculine, where-are-my-friends-with-penises-you-don’t-understand-me kind of mood) in foil with lemon, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and a bit of olive oil. Plus some potatos and corn. I allowed him 😉 free rein at the video shop and thus we’re going to take in a bit of Russell doing his swashbuckling thing tonight. I chose Monsoon Wedding, which I’ve been meaning to see for just about ever.


Tentative Triumph


Muu Muu Shoes

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  1. Rae

    Hmmm… seems I need to start shopping at new op shops… Yes! The ones that are over the border plus some, sound fantastic!

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