Thank god for elevenses – it’s are the only thing that gets me from window to window. Only ten minutes ago I was up a ladder, adorned in headphones, safety glasses and respirator mask – and that’s just my head! Things are hotting up as the house is being inspected by the valuer on Wednesday or Thursday to make sure that it’s up to scratch. If it works out, we get back the money the bank originally witheld – which we will then use for the purpose of tarting up to sell (and knocking some utility bills on the head). So we’ve got a couple of days – and still have ten windows to go. It’s so unfair. The house is Vogue-bloody-Living compared to what it used to be, but the bank is only interested in windows, outside paintwork, reparation of rotten boards and the dilapidated vanity unit in the bathroom – plus a few wiring and plumbing issues. Gah. Back to it.