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Getting There

OK – how’s it looking? I cannot spend much more time on this page – it’s killing me. Other parts of my life are getting abandoned. It has taken over the past four nights trying to wheedle my way around CSS – in the end I just gave up and went back to using a combination of CSS and tables – which is why I’m wondering what it looks like in Mozilla and Safari. In Opera, the page looks extremely odd while loading, but then it ends up looking fine. If you can be bothered letting me know, I would be grateful!

Today I was M’s ‘bucket bitch’. The title is of my own invention – it applies to anyone who is the person that collects the yabbies and throws them in the bucket while the other person, the ‘pumper’ (…this is sounding more and more pornographic – my apologies, it’s late…) goes wild with the yabby pump. That said, we did swap roles (sorry) and I had my first ever go at yabbying – and this is years after I wrote the words to a song called Yabby Pie! Some of the yabbies got used for bait later in the day, but I let most of them go – chicken guts are better for bait anyway – they’re already dead, which means I don’t have to come over all girly and get M to bait my line.





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  1. Looks fine in Firefox 9 (and hence probably Mozilla).

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