But It Paws…

Ooooh-eeee. Two things – and they’re actually band related, nothing to do with house, cat, food, work or money. Huzzah! Almost a year to the day I got an email yesterday saying that the ABC 4 Minute Wonders video clip for the Bidston Moss song Seven is now complete! I was a bit scared to view it, as I thought the chances of it not really suiting our style (yes, I know, I sound like a wanker) were large. However, all my fears were unfounded – it’s actually very, very cool! If you want to take a look you can download it in it’s entirety here (4mb) – but if you’re on a snappy fast connection I’d suggest you go and check out the whole site they’ve made in its honour. CuteyBitey. Go! Go now!

The other thing! You can hear us on Stingers on Tuesday night – Channel 9 – which we don’t get, so I am going to have to hit M’s sisters place and commandeer their television. Check out this excellent Stingers site, because it actually mentions our name. The excitement! It takes such a Long Time for these things to come to fruition. I was somewhere in Jerilderie driving the Humber toward Hervey Bay this time last year when I just happened to have enough reception on my mobile to receive the call about the Seven clip! The Stingers thing came through in April – but I kept expecting it not to actually happen. What could undercover cops want with a song about M deciding on what wood to use on Boat and me shopping at Savers and hating coca-cola? Who cares! Not me!


Hard Wear




  1. Congratulations on both counts! How very cool!

  2. that is a great clip. YESSSSS…

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