One Year Later

M and I are having a low-key celebration, dancing to the tune of the ShutUpAndStopIts from next door. We’ve got a bottle of red (paying $5 above the usual limit does wonders) a bottle of white (very nice white) some Bass Strait Blue cheese and some Chocolat Noir Orange. Tasty. I’ve just used the majority of the white in my mushroom risotto. I am culinarily (!?) inspired because I purchased my first ever cookbook whilst I was in Melbourne (never let it be said that the Myer Stocktake Sale is good for nothing). Bowl Food. Everything in this book can be served in a ONE bowl. I love it. Except for the fact that no matter how organised I try to be, I never have 100% of the correct ingredients. So tonight I substituted onion for leek and basmati for aborio (nice try) and hoped for the best. M seemed to think it was bordering on sublime, but that could’ve been the wine.

Oh. Why the celebration? It was exactly a year ago today that we:
a) saw our house for the first time in real life
b) spent the day clearing old mattresses, stoves and other scary detritus
c) realised what we’d got ourselves into…
I can tell we were in shock by the fact that I only have one rather picturesque photograph of our street from that day (before we’d seen the house) and then nothing else whatsoever. It’s OK though, we were only in shock for a day or two.


I Don’t Like Coughee


Hard Wear


  1. I just noted your reading section – I am about 50% of my way through “Things my girlfriend and I have argued about” – having been a longtime fan of the site. The book is wonderful – just have to leave it lying around somewhere where my partner will pick it up and read it without knowing I want her to pick it up and read it. 🙂 Needless to say I suspect it won’t make any great difference. In the midst of renovations, biological clocks, pets, jobs and other relationship dramas I suspect I will remain being “wrong, totally wrong and will you shut up now before you make a fool of yourself wrong” in our relationship – Mil’s wisdom aside. 🙂

  2. At least you have discovered that you’re not alone ;o)
    I am currently doing the ‘leaving the book somewhere strategic’ at the moment in an effort to get M to read it. Not having much luck yet, but I’m sure my chances will improve once he finishes his latest sailing book.
    I think I actually liked ‘A Certain Chemistry’ even better than the first one, though the ending kind of comes accross as a bit rushed. I noticed Mil Millington got a mention over at Belle de Jour…

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