Am not writing here. Actually – this isn’t even me – the real me is slaving over her hideous conference report. But if this was me, I would just like to point out two useful things. One is the most marvellous WordWeb that I have given a plug to before, but has been so useful to me today that I thought it was worth another link. It just sits there next to my clock using not many system resources and whenever I want to know what a word means, or how to spell it I just press Alt+Ctrl+W – try it if you’re into little helper apps. It’s tres cool.

Two is 3hive recommended over at dooce for legal mp3s from lots of interesting bands and labels. You can sort by genre. It’s almost as cool as Epitonic which is where I get all my ambient stuff-without-lyrics that I listen to on my big 1970s headphones with a volume knob on each ear while I’m working (like I am right now) to drown out M’s power tools. Right. There you go. You never saw me.