Every day there are so many freaky kinds of birds, huge bugs, odd spiders and countless sucidal moths that I am occasionally overwhelmed at the cheap showiness of nature. Particularly since I spent about four hours cleaning the house yesterday – vaccing, mopping, excavating the bathroom and kitchen – only to wake up this morning and find bits of dead moth on the floor and providing delightful table top decoration. Some die in upright position, so it’s hard to tell if they’ve carked it or are just ruminating. It’s never bloody ending. Cockatoos, galahs, ibis, puppybird, weird cricket things bigger than your average sized book, kangaroos, ducks – and all these are either in or wandering around our acre! (Note to self: make a [miaow] wildlife page to shock and awe cyber tourists.)

My boss is on leave, so yesterday I became even more easily tempted away from my computer than usual – and as I could (and still can) hear M working so hard outside on the new front steps I thought I would shock him rigid by displaying some domesticity. I even cooked Chicken Vindaloo for dinner (with a little bit of improvising, now I’ve tested the waters with the muffins). It was supposed to be ‘medium’ hotness and M ate it looking beatific, while I punctuated each mouthful with slugs of water and vastly unattractive nose wiping. Afterwards I felt cleansed. Singed, but cleansed. Am not sure what M felt, as he had to leave the room.

Oh. Anyone looking for a cool search tool could do worse than try GGSearch. I downloaded it this morning and am finding it v.useful. It means I can get rid of the search toolbar in Opera that I always forget to use anyway. I loike it.