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I am refusing to succumb to some weirdo cold that, at present, is causing my lips to fall off and my nose to sniffle. This morning M and I witnessed the evils of nature; poor little PuppyBird got pecked on the head by some evil winged foe. He went all dazed and was barely able to peck cheese – and although he seemed to perk up a little, once he flew off we didn’t see him for the rest of the day :o( For lunch we headed down to the mangroves with a stubby of Coopers each and ate oysters off the rocks. Mudcrab Count: we had five big females and a couple of undersized males that got a free feed and a walk to freedom.
A mudcrab in his habitat, not on the table
Tonight is the first seafood free night in about a week – I am going to attempt spaghetti bolognese.


Who’s Afraid of Hervey Bay?


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  1. i love sea food. am cooking fish right now. cool blog

  2. thanks. one whole crab to myself nearly killed me. I was down at the waters edge to night and there were so many fish you could see them jumping out of the water!

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