Well, I made it to Spain in one pìece. Which is what my Pocketmail set up is not going to be in once I gather up all my rage and crush it under my heel. Here I was, all set up to be travel-communication guru, and my stupid Pocketmail Backflip won´t work in Spain. It only took $20US of my phone card to figure this out. Gah. he flight can be summed up in a word. Vile. Obviously it could have been worse, and it kicked serious butt over the last time I flew (which I would tell you about, but I have erased it from memory as too troubling) – I had my own screen, and every new release movie, silver screen classic, terrible US sitcom, interesting British doco, rockumentary to watch on whim. However, planes and I do not agree. Their air strips back the inside of my nose, dries my throat and plumps my ankles. My boss warned me about taking a sleeping tablet and dying of DVT and I did not heed him. After the first four hours of flying, I realised we were still over Australia, and decided to knock myself out. It half worked.

Dubai airport was odd. More like a large shopping center – albeit amazingly clean (though sprinkles of sand here and there – apparently it was a windy day outside). Anyway, to cut a bloody long story short (about thirty or so hours of it), I made it to Gatwick, got the bus to Heathrow, gaped at the snow on the side of the motorway and hissed at the sleet. Then got the oldest plane in the world via Air Iberia (we were seated between the engines surrounded by about twenty five Brits who all worked at the same company and were going to Spain – it could have been ugly, but it was more like the Office).

Arrived at Seville, my boss (the most disorganised person I have met) luckily didn´t know how to get to Cordoba, so we got a taxi. Huzzah! To those of you who are Melbourne savvy, this is like getting a taxi from Spencer Street station to Geelong. Out taxi driver must have been ecstatic. We hit Cordoba and our taxi driver handed us over to another taxi driver who actually knew where our hotel was (and if I hadn´t have brought a map with me, we´d still be wandering somewhere on the outskirts of town). The taxi couldn´t even drop as at the door, as the streets are too narrow.

(Have to go, boss is hovering. Bugger.)