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Blogging From My PalmPilot

Here I am. I’ve got my brand new, sexy brushed metal palm pilot on the desk next to me. Can I use it with my keyboard or pocketmail? Nope. It’s fairly useless – but it has 64MB compared to my old Palm III (that I’m using to send this) which has 8MB. Am still not about the worth of this new Palm, but will give it a month. I am fast running out of time – I leave on Sunday at 11am, and seem to be losing time by the bucketful! I have so much to do – and am going to try and get the bulk of it done today so tomorrow is fairly stressfree (yeah, right).


One of Those Days


Hola Cordoba

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  1. acb

    My next PDA will probably be one of the WiFi-enabled Tungstens.

    As for memory, I’m still using only about half of my 8Mb Handspring Visor. Most of it is text memos, as well as an archaeological record of appointments going back to 1997. (The Paradise Motel at the Punters Club, whoo!) Though I’ve started downloading public-domain etexts onto it for surreptitiously reading in boring meetings.

    Hmmm… maybe this should be a LiveJournal meme?

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