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One of Those Days

Toys arrived today. Geeky, geeky toys. At 6:40am this morning. Have I played with them yet? No. Has M played with them yet? No. We are both at the end of our tethers with this house. Poor M hasn’t left Hervey Bay for ten months. I am sick of feeling guilty about all the things I seem to start that need to be done but that I never finish. Besides my own hopelessness, it also seems that we’ve either had visitors or I’ve been ‘just about to leave’ for Melbourne, or ‘just come back’. And now I’m trying to squash in all I need to do before leaving on Sunday for another two weeks. Am supposed to be flying into Melbourne the day before my birthday, but am going to try and change my flight to come back to Brisbane instead as 1) I don’t have the funds to get back here from Melbourne, and 2) I’d like to take this one opportunity to have a birthday in this house, because I won’t get another one!

In the meantime, as I try to get this incredibly boring work done, M is grinding the outside of the house with his (surprise!) grinder. Which is great, because it saves us about $100 on hiring the proper tool, but sucks, because it’s an incredibly tedious, tiring exhaustive job. So he’s buggered, I’m stressed and the house is covered in dust. Thus we’ve been at each others throats on and off for a day or two. Gah. Being an intolerant, impatient cow is really taking it out of me.


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  1. hippogriff

    a killer tuna-parmesan-lettuce-tomato-basil salad with rye bread croutons fried in garlic and butter : is there a recipe fo this ? (or is it secret)

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