After a large roast dinner at the House of Crime on Friday night I headed to Chris’s house to stay in her spare room. Having eaten a meal two times the size of my own head, I crumpled on to the bed and passed out. To be woken around 2am by drunken giggling from downstairs. They were home. After taking about ten minutes to get themselves through the back door I heard N bellow “B is upstairs in bed, Lets go and see B!!” I lay quaking as Chris and N cantered up the stairs, burst into my room, N straddling my supine, face down figure (clad in only PJ bottoms) and played some rapid percussion with her hands on my bare back, while screaming “She’s so warm. Chris! Feel how warm she is! Warmer than a Hot Cross Bun!!”

They finally left when I started to scream. Then I drifted back to sleep to the sound of them riding down the stairs on blankets one after another. Many, many times. I made sure that I had the pleasure, in the morning, of running into Chris’s room launchimg myself upon her prone and alcoholically aromatic shape and screaming. Once she’d made herself human, about four hours later, we headed to Mungs to practice some new songs, and then headed on to a party at Dave and Ellises, that I finally dragged myself away from at about 2am this morning.

This is where the title of this post becomes relevant. I crowbarred myself into an upright position this morning and after priming myself with panadol, drove to South Gippsland to visit my dad. It’s a beautiful day. I’ve done my tour of the fruit trees (plums, nectarines, peaches, macadamia, walnut, grapefruit, cherry) and just come back from having pumpkin soup in town. Am about to sit in the sun and see how long I can stay awake for. I did an experiment with my old Nokia 5110 and his new tiny Alcatel mobile phone to see which got the best signal. The 5110 won hands down, so now we are watching a few of them on ebay and will hopefully have one bidded on and one by the end of the afternoon. If only I didn’t have to drive back tonight *sigh*….