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My bloody boss came into work last week with a hideous cold. Obviously it took advantage of the fact that our office has no ventilation (J stuffed a pillow in the vent just like I did last year, because it gets so cold in here that we all had to use hot water bottles and scarves – in the middle of summer) and somehow it weaved its evil way into me. And percolated quietly all weekend. And then decided to emerge today with sore throat, endless sneezing and an increasingly smuffy nose. I don’t have time for a cold.

The thing is, I was declaiming last night to my mum and my nan how I haven’t eaten fruit for ages – nice fruit seems to be in short supply in Hervey Bay. My nan went into shock: “You have to eat fruit.” I shrugged. Ate an apple to placate them. And then another, because it was nice. All to no avail. So now I have to choose my anti-cold drugs. I generally don’t take them, but, like the ad says – I have to ‘soldier on’. (Not being eligible for sick pay has something to do with this.) Your anti-cold drug of choice? Anyone?

So far Sudafed has been suggested. Personally I’m thinking of the bottle of Johnny Walker Black that my nan and I cracked open last night. With a little bit of hot lemon added in – though that may be sacrilege. I was planning to and up my culture levels by going to see a film, but think I’ll just crumple my way back home.


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  1. acb

    Those day-night cold and flu tablets always work well for me; the cheaper brands like Chemists’ Own are quite good.

  2. Rae

    I can’t take cold and flu tablets. I find they work once, then the next time I go to use them, nothing happens.

    Now I just have a cup of lemsip. I find that it clears my sinuses and I can breathe again.

  3. I went out and got some ‘pharmacy brand’ cold and flu things – I think they’re working – I am still able to stay upright. Lemsip comes next – thanks Rae!

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