Am still busy playing hostess. After rampantly consuming large amounts of white wine with the very gourmet risotto that Lisa and created, we got up slightly groggily yesterday morning and Drove with M to Rainbow Beach, via Tin Can Bay and Poona. Spent lots of time enjoying the waves at Rainbow Beach – I stood up on my surfboard for seconds at a time (-just call me Layne) – Lisa got her pale gothic skin a lovely shade of British Tourist Red and we also investigated Inskip Point.

After another swim we headed back to Maryborough and had our own personal lightening show on the way. Here is a biblical looking weather moment:
In between Poona and Maryborough...
[photo by lisa]

When we got into town every light in Maryborough was out! We headed to the pub, as we were early for our dinner reservation and the barman had one torch, which was complicated by Lisa and I asking for shandys… We sat on the balcony of the pub and watch the light show for a while and then headed to the Muddy Waters Cafe – just as we got there the street lights popped back on – they’d hooked up a generator, but were way behind in their schedule, so I rang through to a Hervey Bay restaurant who told me that lights were still out all over Hervey Bay and that if lights were on in Maryborough we should stay there. So we did. Lisa treated us to a lovely dinner and we drove home tired and floppy from sea and sun. I was so buggered that I didn’t hear it pour down during the night, but our little creek is running this morning, and the water tank is overflowing.