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Well I am an idiot. Lisa did not arrive until yesterday. We cleaned up the house on Friday and it was only a complete fluke that I SMS-ed her to see how her ‘trip up’ was going: a message that was responded to by a phone call with her shrieking ‘I’m not coming ’til Sunday. SUNDAY!!‘ So then we had the difficult task of trying to keep the bathroom clean for two days so we didn’t have to do it again, try not to drink all the beer and eat all the TimTams. (Tangent: as the TimTams were the new ‘Kahlua’ flavour or whatever the fuss has been about, it wasn’t hard as they smell much better than they taste, sadly.)
So she finally showed up yesterday – two hours late as the Tilt Train had to only travel at 60km per hour due to the extreme heat and threat of the train tracks buckling. Yike.

Picked up a new hard drive so we can try and get some recording done soon – huzzah from what looked like a disused shopfront in Maryborough. It’s actually a huge place filled with a million computer bits that is solely dedicated to trading on Ebay – which I thought was pretty nifty.

It is thundering off and on now and there is a HUGE storm that has just brushed by us – with lots of lightening visible fairly far away. M has run out and kamikazed quite a lot of his basil plants (apparently if you chop their tops off, they grow wider and bushier). So now our blender is full to the top of pesto and Lisa and I are skidding in our own drool. I think I’m going to have to look in to the viability of freezing pesto…right now!


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  1. hippogriff

    hi beth !
    you didnt like the tia maria tim tams ?
    some lightning photos would be good ..

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