That’s what time I got up this morning. It was actually cool. Bliss. Will now have to go to bed at about 8pm, but it was worth it. Our guests have been unbelievably nice to us and yesterday hired jetskis for us to have a go on. M and I had one and they shared the other. The jetskis were brand new (as the hire lady kept reminding us). I’ve never been into jetskis – they look like fun but they’re kind of noisy and it seems like a surfeit of idiots use them at the expense of other peoples more laid back beach fun. Anyway – there was no one at the beach so I didn’t feel so bad. I jumped on first and M rode pillion.

Weeeeehoooh! WAAAAHOOOOO!

I went up to 80km an hour and M was hanging on for his life. It was a total buzz! We zipped up and down and up and down, jumped little waves – M had to try some semi-burn outs (or the water based equivalent). Then last night we got taken out to dinner – for the second time (and as someone who has only been out to dinner in Hervey Bay twice in six months, this is a major thrill) and we all tried some deep fried Tasmanian brie. As an entree…which was a mistake. It was pretty nice – but I think I prefer it normal on dry biscuits.

Dylan is majorly into his polaroid cameras and there are pictures of everything being spat out of different cameras – my scanner is in storage or I’d be putting some of them up here. I do have some photos of the new kitchen (I know this is not exciting for normal people, but we’ve been cooking on a single burner camp stove since June) but I won’t bore you. Must get back to the fascination of arson. That was sarcastic, in case you were wondering.