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Just Queer

It’s 9pm. Humidity is at 80%. I want to move south. Quite soon. Tomorrow in fact. However our latest visitors are kind of liking the weather and are feeling holiday-like, so I am trying to curb my weather-related whining. Gah. Here are the visitors out the back.
It's actually quite hot - despite how comfortable they look...

Earlier today M’s mother rang to see if one of us could take her to the doctor. I had to work all day, so M went along. So they’re in the waiting room at the medical centre and M’s mother starts telling him about this TV show she watched last night at my urging. She was agog.
“I didn’t know B was into that kind of television show! There were men with men. There was a man with a ten inch…thingy…and they were throwing quoits over it! There was a woman there too. But she turned out to be a man as well…”

By this point M was torn between gagging and having hysterics. I’d told her to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and she’d stumbled on Queer As Folk. That improved my day considerably!






  1. How many years, you think, before this wouldn’t have been as shocking to them?

  2. Hmmm. Well, M’s mother is 82 and she found it more funny than truly shocking I think. I think it would probably be shocking for a lot of people who don’t get out much….

  3. Rae

    What a mistake to make! That’s hilarious!!

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