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OK, my euphoria at coming home has been quashed by 18 mosquito and sandfly bites, large amounts of humidity and M playing Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde. He is possessed by finishing off the kitchen, the proximity of his family and (I suspect) my interuption of his bachelor life. Nevertheless, he continues to make me pesto – so I am valiantly playing the role of tolerant princess. Dylan and Rachael arrive tomorrow afternoon, which is going to be cool – although I have to have a serious chunk of work done by the end of the week and this might detract from my ‘hostessing’ abilities.

I bit the bullet today and bought THIRTY mosquito coils and a LARGE bottle of tropical strength Aeroguard. Once my next payday ticks around I will also invest in some mega-strength Vitamin B (even though I can find no scientific research that upholds the general agreement that mosquitos stay away from B-junkies). Every little bit helps.

Before I left (just now on three weeks ago) I planted some corn seedlings and some sunflower seeds. They are now both higher than my knees – a product of the huge amount of rain that happened in my absence. Go corn! I continue to plot my revenge on the bastard shutupandstopit next door. I now have M’s permission, once the house is sold, to drive past the front of their house and scream ‘WAYNE – shut the gate you useless f****** c***!’ Which is only a tiny fragment of what I heard him scream at the mother of his children this morning at…oh, about 8am this morning. But I am still tempted to record him in full flight and play it loudly over the fence at opportune moments…hum. Might have to get my blackbelt beforehand.


Welcome Home Me!


Just Queer


  1. Rae

    Oh geez… Neighbours from hell are everywhere and spreading!

    Enjoy yelling at him. Sounds like a laugh!

  2. I am *hanging* to yell at him, but M says that it’s him that will cop it – particularly since I’m away in Melbourne quite often *sigh*
    I just have to bide my time….

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