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Winding Up

Work drinks last night at Cookie. Followed by a sublime dinner at Chez Phat. Jeez – I’m feeling dunked in inner-city cool. Get me back to Hervey Bay! (with olive dip in hand). Actually last night was far more suited to my brother, bar slut from way back, currently destitute in London after quitting his job for a better one, which then fell through. I may have to set up a ‘Fund For Starving Brother’ on this site if he doesn’t find work soon. Fingers crossed. Or, as they say in the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, ‘stand on your toe’.

Am very much looking forward to going home to lovely Hervey Bay house – M and I get a couple of days to ourselves and then we have the first of three lots of visitors!! Our spare room isn’t going to know what hit it! I am very glad we have one. However I have just checked my horoscope (because I just have nothing else I’m supposed to be doing….yeah right) and it does not bode well for my arrival back into the nest. Get this:

Taurus (me)
Friday February 6th

A Red Rag in the Casa del Toro? The Full Moon in Leo at 19.48 could trigger a fast but deep sense of crisis in your Domestic Reality sector. There could be a sense that something is not working or someone is just not working out. Wait a day before making decisions.

Aries (him)
Friday February 6th

The phone won’t ring? The love note won’t arrive? You are locked, this evening, in a classic Full Moon in the 5th house scenario, when everything associated with your romantic love life seems to be in crisis. It’s worth riding out without burning too many bridges.

I have the fear. Bloody Mystic Medusa.


Hold On. Detonating.


Welcome Home Me!


  1. Mystic Medusa is pretty good, I must admit. I’ve even started buying the Weekend Australian to read her in the mag.

  2. I actually won a copy of her book I was hanging out on her site so often!

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