Stumbled into work today after 11am and subsequently have had no lunchbreak and have been flummoxing around trying to get it all together. Almost no time to blog! *gulp*

Last night’s Espy gig went better than expected – got a great influx of crowd just before we hit the stage – people coming out of The Strokes at the Palais and other shows around town. The best compliment I got was from a couple of guys fresh from Metallica at the Myer Music Bowl.

Him: You ROCK!!
Me: Um, thanks.
Him: No man. [does impossibly complicated handshake with me. I hope for the best.] You guys really rock! You were better than Metallica!!
Me: [gobsmacked] Really? [thinks] How were Metallica?
Him: Not the best mate. The music was great, but the front guys vocals….

Oh well. Not bad for a Wednesday. Dylan took lots of pics with his numerous amounts of freaky cameras. Jeremy from the lovely Tugboat came along to say hi (they’re playing this Sunday at the Rob Roy). Christian (BM drummer) had the odd experience of having his boss playing in the support band immediately before us! Weird. Thus he got to borrow drum-stuff and have a late start this morning which was pretty cool. The only downer of the night was my $50 parking ticket at the end of it :o(

I had been so happy to find a park that I’d forgotten to buy a ticket. So I got booked – just before midnight. Bastards. To find my park I had to drive through a film shoot out the back of the POW – a naked guy from The Castle streaking down the street ;o)

Note to World: The fact that they were giving away Sustagen Gold at the train station didn’t mean you had to drink it. Big mistake. Horrifying custardly consistency laced with nauseating fake banana aroma. No wonder they were giving them away. They’re fucking horrible.