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Not Too Cool

NOTE: to anyone trying to contact me, my mobile is lost. Email is best.

But not too hot either. Got up at 4am yesterday to get the 5:15am bus to get the 6:15am train which arrived in Brisbane at 9:40am. I had a chai tea at the appropriately named Jazzy Cat and then wandered around the art gallery shop until it was time to get my 2pm aeroplane. (Which I almost didn’t get due to lining up for VirginBlue instead of Qantas). Then the SkyBus, then the train from Spencer Street to Balaclava. Then the walk to my abode. No key. My dad was going to leave one in a specified spot and said he’d leave a message on my mobile phone if anything was different. However my mobile disappeared on Monday and I haven’t seen it since *sob* Trudged a few blocks to a phone box. Got told where the key really was. Collapsed with gratitude in front of the fridge in which my most excellent male parent had placed some Coopers Pale Ale, cheese, bread and smoked trout. Which was what I had for dinner. Hallelujah! I made it.

Am revelling in the lack of humidity. Am revolted by the sixty cent increase in my daily zone one ticket. Bastards.




Olive Dip


  1. Hurrah! We like those kinds of dads.

  2. I know. On occasions like this I almost manage to forget about all those times I wasn’t allowed to go out when I was 15…almost….

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