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All Better Now

Just lost everything I’d typed in one of those freakish computer things where you hit a combination of keys and it taps dances, makes a cup of tea and wipes ten minutes of typing. It is indicative of my mood that I am not even remotely fazed.

After yesterdays spack about money, work, Christmas and being so far from home;the power drill essential to our kitchen dying; finding a new one in town and then realising that I’d left my credit card at home…(M played his role of tolerant comforter to the hilt…not even commenting when I blew my nose on the tea towel)…

Today is the Total Opposite :o)

Began by moving all the boxes of stuff from Melbourne that are moldering in the carport (deluged by mice, cockroaches and cane toads) into the van. Then I am going to take it all to a storage place where they will charge me the quite astonishingly reasonable sum of $25 per month – and there are exciting things like sensor operated security cameras and boom gates that you can operate with a secret pin number. Thrilling.

As I was in the middle of transferring boxes, Bean called from overseas. He hasn’t been able to explore Dublin as he’s out of town and every time he’s tried to take off, they call and haul him back. Apparently this does not worry him at all as he’s charging them by the hour and then some. Plus the exorbitant Christmas bonus. Huh. So then I got disturbed by the little white car that delivers the post beeping at the front gate – there was a big Honeybone package full of WONDROUS BOOKS for my delectation!!! All hail the Honeybone!

Blacklist – Sara Paretsky
Lost Souls – Michael Collins
The Jury Must Die – Carol O’Connell
Candlemoth – Roger Jon Ellory
A Question of Blood – Ian Rankin
(with Rebus played by John Hannah in my head)

Then Mung called and they are coming up to visit in March sometime, and he said that there may be enough money in the band account to put out the video clip to Seven. That would be spesh. Told him of all my computer woes and he told me how baby Luka was scone-d by a laptop falling from the overhead luggage compartment when they came back from Sydney :o(

On top of all this excitement, I spoke to the guy who is the computer agent for AAMI and asked him when my laptop would be arriving. He said that the couriers they use are notoriously secretive about their methods, but he had been able to extract from them that my laptop is currently on a McCafferty’s bus on the way to Hervey Bay – and if I go and meet the bus in town at around 4:30pm today, I can collect it!!! I can hardly breathe for joy! Freaky. Have got a lovely card from Lorraine (hello Lorraine…I lost your email address in the great computer debacle).

I have bubbled long enough. Back to the boxes. La la la la la la.

M with prehistoric stick insect - a herbivore. M's face is a response to me prompting him to 'look surprised'.


A Burger of Beeve


La La Laptop


  1. Dylan

    Just watch out for flooding!

    Mum and Dad had thier stuff in a storage facility while they were overseas. A few weeks ago we had full-on storms and the storage place got flooded. Heaps of people were affected.

    Me and Rach had a house full of soaked photoalbums that we had to restore. Many photos just disintegrated, especially the really old ones like from when mum was a kid. Every photo (hundreds) has to be; extracted from the albums, washed, dried, re scanned. touched up and re printed. Big job.

    They also lost lots of expensive clothes and other valuables.

    Put everything in PLASTIC, WATERPROOF containers. Do it!

    Also, make sure you a re insured for whatever you put in there, mum and dad didn’t!


  2. Oh dear. YOu are right on all counts. I didn’t insure it, and it’s all in crappy cardboard boxes except for two big plastic containers. I will buy a couple more I think. I hope you haven’t jinxed me…

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