What an exciting morning. M and I, the uber-neighbours, said that we would go with the lady-over-the-road to hold her hand while she gave evidence in court. The case involved the prior owner of our house, and the fact that whilst renting it out, she broke in and stole stuff from the tenants (I’m sure that I should be slotting in the word ‘allegedly’ somewhere, but I digress…) – as well as this she had kidnapped and dumped the other neighbours dog, lost custody of her daughter through neglect, and genrally abused everyone in the surrounding area. No wonder the kids that live nearby still walk on the other side of the road when they pass our place.

So we get to Maryborough Courthouse at 9:30am. It’s a beautiful building with a stunning view of the river and park. Luckily. Because we had to sit on the verandah and look at it for three hours. The freaky-woman in question turned up an hour late – I expected some demonic looking, malnourished harridan, but instead saw a plumpish, good looking, Samoan chick dressed in white and looking very together. She did give dagger looks to the lady-over-the-road, but apart from that there was no interaction. And after three hours of waiting we were told that we wouldn’t be required anyway. Argh!

Couldn’t believe it. M, naturally, suggested a coffee. In my trusting way I anticipated that lady-over-the-road would pay for our drinks, so I ordered a kickass iced mocha. No joy. We paid for our own beverages. Didn’t get a ‘sorry about all the hassle’ and got dropped home about 40 minutes later. Hmmmm. Not sure what to think. In an effort to diminish the illusion that the day was a total write off, I attacked a quarter of an acre with fierce determination (and the lawnmower). Update:We got given a bottle of red the next day, so now I feel evil.

In regard to the other, more karmic wheels of justice, my laptop is looking more and more possible. I am told I will get it on Friday. Do I trust them? I’d like to.