Passionfruit Butter

My sister was evil enough to leave half a jar of the stuff (think ‘lemon butter’ and you’ll understand what I’m on about) in my refrigerator (that word looks violently misspelled, but I just checked, and it’s not). I am a slave to it. I put it on toast in the morning and it’s like eating cheesecake. I put it on a biscuit just a moment ago and almost drowned in my own drool. Maybe it will make up for the demise of ‘during the day tea-drinking’ (it makes me sweat).

Oh. Another thing. The DIY Blog that I contribute to has been nominated in the Best Group Blog category for the 2003 Weblog Awards…so if you feel like voting *raises eyebrows suggestively*…


We’d Only Just Begun


The Friday Five 027


  1. Davo

    Leonard confused with Ellory?! For shame. Do not communicate with me again until you have this clear in your mind.

  2. davo

    Ellroy, not Ellory…

  3. I think I’m getting it clear. Mr Ellory wrote L.A Confidential? In that freaky style of his?

  4. davo

    YES! And Leonard wrote Freaky Deaky in his own style…ok we can talk again, phew!

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