This is bad. The shop I got to look at my laptop and pronounce it dead were able to back up some stuff from my hard drive, which is still operational. However they were too nuffy to do a good job and thus backed up almost nothing of any use – completely neglecting my work files and my writing. Bastards. Now I’m basically stuffed, because instead of getting on to it and taking it elsewhere to get it backed up, I waited. I waited because the police told me that the coppers up here would give me fair warning before they came and took it off me. WRONG! They called about an hour ago and said they needed it today. As in now.

This is bad for two reasons. One because all my stuff is still on there and two because it’s bloody choc-full of software that is *ahem* not exactly paid for. Kind of. So here I am. I have spent the last 30 minutes feverishly trying to take my laptop apart to access the hard drive to save my stuff and wipe the rest – but it was just beyond me. The policeman said that they could take off my data for me, but I don’t know what to say because:
1) I need my data, but…
2) I don’t want to go to gaol for knowingly harbouring stolen software on my stolen computer. Bugger bugger bugger.

I think I will stand firm. The policeman who is coming over “…around lunchtime after I write up the warrant…” (I feel like I should cue the theme tune to The Bill as he enters – walking past our unregistered-in-Queensland-cars) didn’t sound very tech-savvy. So I’m hoping to fob him off by asking if I can drop it in on Monday after I take it into a shop and get it all backed up and then wiped. Goddamnit – this is just edging me towards alcoholism (or it would be if I had any money; I didn’t know my account could be overdrawn until I checked my balance online and saw that it was minus $18.50).