It’s raining steadily, Mae is over on Fraser Island and M is above my head playing on the roof. He says he’s checking the gutters, but I’m completely convinced. I was going to make some lame reference to how it doesn’t seem to drizzle here it just buckets down and that’s what I like about it compared to Melbourne where drizzling is a specialty; but last night Melbourne had extreme downpours and flash floods, so my comments would not only be inappropriate but wrong. On the news they said:

‘…and the worst affected suburbs are Northcote…Preston’;

So I had to call Chris and Jody to make sure they hadn’t drowned which they didn’t, only their car did. Chris was on her way back from a gig at the Espy and the car conked out (overcome by rain) in Collingwood. Their shop floor and kitchen were also flooded mostly by the melt from the stacks of golfball size hailstones that had built up outside the door. I’ll have to contact my Northcote friend Marg to make sure she is still intact as well. I know that Melbourne needs rain, but it could distribute it thoughtfully rather than just dumping it down on a whim. It’s really bucketing here now, and it’s soothing (except for my feeling that M is going to land on my head at any minute). I don’t think it’s rained during the day while I’ve been a resident here it’s only rained about four times in total in about five months (though I have been away for some of that time). It’s kind of exciting. The seedlings that I planted last night think it’s pretty good too.


Tomato Seedling [wiggling it’s roots]: Oh it’s so lovely to be free of my punnet.

Nasturtium Seedling: I think this is what it’s supposed to be like when you’re lucky enough to get planted out. It rains everyday. Forever.

Lettuce Seedling: They told me at the shop that this is what life could be like. I’m 95% water and so is everything around me! Aaaah.

Beth: Remember this conversation when I forget to water you. Stop talking and concentrate on becoming salad material.