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I am sitting in the library paying 50 cents per half hour for my internet access. Oh dear. Not having a computer is doing my head in – I am simultaneously doing my banking, bidding on ebay for a motherboard to upgrade M’s computer and blogging. Only have ten minutes left and am not coping well. Apparently I may be able to claim my laptop under my contents insurance, but am still waiting to discover the outcome – they are way behind due to a lot of other people’s stuff being zapped as well. Am still playing hostess to my dad, his mate and my sister – our ‘uncle’ Noel having found dossing down on a bit of sponge and cold showers a little too much for his delicate, South Yarra constitution – subsequently he bailed out yesterday when we put him on the train back to Brisbane.

Today is the day I am trying to get my shit together, sort out M’s computer (yes, it’s up and running but the hard drive with the operating system on it has mysteriously disappeared and so has the modem….I will persevere) and try and get my online life back on track. I actually did manage to get my palm pilot to dial up my ISP, but because it has regressed back to factory settings (and thus to crappy factory installed applications) there isn’t a decent email program on there that I can use to check my mail. Argh!

Have been feeling rather removed from my Melbourne life, with some of my friends getting married last weekend. I get to view the pictures online and feel rather absent – although, as Lisa pointed out – I did get to miss out on the rather extensive hangovers that seem to have followed. Oh. And a cat update. Mow has recovered from severe vomiting bout prompted by M feeding him fishguts. Yuck.




The Friday Five 026

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  1. Anonymous

    Noel bailed???!!!! This is worse than I thought. Our PC bit the dust on Sunday night as well, obviously a case of motherboards of the world unite. Still at hte PC Docs. J has a bike…our world implodes…

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