On Sunday night there was the most E N O R M O U S thunderstorm. It actually was a dark and stormy night. Due to some monumental stupidity and misplaced politeness I had turned off my laptop, but not unplugged it. It is now dead. Or as far as I can tell. It is at the shop at the moment being monitored for any vital signs. I doubt there is going to be any. So basically I am pretty much stuffed, and have gained illegal entry to M’s mothers house (she is away) and am utilising her computer – if you can call it that – I would prefer to label it as her ‘antique’. But it works, so that’s all I’m concerned with. If they can’t fix my lappy they will rescue my data (as I energetically haemorrage even more money on behalf of my credit card) and there is no way I’m spending any money on something that the police may remove from me at any time. Woe is me. Woe is my work!! Argh.

Meanwhile, because I can’t check my mail, my email account is groaning under the weight of all the spam, so I have bitten the bullet, and two minutes ago killed off my longtime email address – this is probably going to cause other kinds of havoc, but I’m just going to have to live with it. I also have four houseguests at present and am trying to play hostess. Are they wrinkles that I’m getting?