A lovely day was had yesterday – though I didn’t win a cent. I got my sister to put two little bets on a couple of horses that one of her housing clients had tipped. They didn’t feature. Strangely enough, it was the first v.beautiful day that I’ve seen since hitting Melbourne.
mung and rachaels rather stunning compost heap
Had a lovely lunch at the G.R’s place – which looks more pretty every time I visit (new enormo fridge and new enormo couch) – the lunch was sublime, interupted only by Beanbag the dog, who found himself somewhat constipated and ran around the table squealing and then did what can only be called an ‘ejector poo’ which thankfully everyone managed to duck.
Speaking of the ejector poo, I awoke to the sound of Rachael repeating ‘oh my god, oh my god’ – apparently the baby had managed to coat his entire body in scary liquid baby-poo; there are times when, as a house guest, you know that it is best to stay in your room.