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Jeez, I am getting no work done today. But guess what! M has put two websites up! He’s had them in the pipeline for just about forever, but now he’s got the domain names happening and everything. Check ’em out – they’re the parking spots in cyberspace for two of the bands he was in; The Fish John West Reject and Hurdy Gurdy. They rock.


Cup Eve Dentaphobia


Cup Runneth


  1. Oh my god.

    I’ve SEEN the FJWR in Perth, in about 1989 or so. I used to love them – bought the album, even still own the t-shirt.

    How about that!!

    (I was just thinking about the fishies the other day, too)

  2. b:p

    no way!!!
    I actually never got to see them, though I had heard of them while I was at high school.
    That’s quite bizarre! Will pass your comment on to the one it will impress the most ;o)

  3. I even FAKED MY ID to get in to see them!! How’s that for dedication …

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