Grey. All the leaves are grey. Dragged self to the station. Couldn’t find bank card in purse and let someone go ahead of me while I turned everything inside out. Then the rest of the people waiting decided to go ahead of me also. So I miss the train. I take myself and my two suitcases and sit on a bench. The next train is cancelled. The train after that is then so full that to get in I have to compress people to either side of me and squash my face against the door – which must have looked extremely attractive to anyone looking in. Then at every stop I have to get out of the train to let people off and then squish myself back on again all the way to Melbourne Central. There I just give up and wait for everyone to rush the escalators. I console myself with a raspberry/almond muffin (and no longer think that $2.50 is expensive for a muffin after seeing muffins for $4.00 at Brisbane airport yesterday).

After yesterdays arrival I met little Luka, and then the [bilby] band gathered for the first time in a couple of years and cranked through the setlist. I started out a little shaky, and my hand is not really designed for bass playing anymore, it’s got too used to holding paintbrushes. Now I have a v.large blister.