Following fast on the feet of is my new browser. I had read about it on someone elses blog that I couldn’t remember the name of, and had to hunt and hunt to find it, because I’d forgotten it’s name as well. It’s called Firebird and it’s only 6MB in size. My Internet Explorer got all clagged by a virus I’ve been trying to get rid of and I was having lots of trouble. So far, Firebird is the biz! Now I just have to try and get rid of all the spam crap that’s popping up in the comments *groan*

Oh – cryogenics? Our over-the-road neighbours (as opposed to the ShutUpAndStopIts next door) gave us a freezer today! I am excited about all the ice-cream that I’m going to consume throughout Summer, not to mention the stacks of other stuff I can freeze and use for cooking instead of having to haul my butt to the shops (particularly since Hervey Bay still hasn’t got its head around Sunday trading yet….) Yay!