I look at Fraser Island every time I turn into our street, but I had no idea (despite being told repeatedly) how much I was missing out on! Dave and Ellise went over on Monday and hiked for 10km to Lake Mackenzie…we picked up the 4WD that they were kind enough to hire and pick them up the next morning. This is the lake:
The very very clear Lake Mackenzie
After seeing the lake and wading out into it, I didn’t really want to continue four wheel driving, because I was not convinced that we would see anything to match it! I haven’t, thus far, made a habit out of hanging out on tropical islands, but this is all due to change. We took the 4WD along the beach toward Eli Creek, which was pretty much equally astonishing, and on the way we saw the clearest rainforest stream that I have ever seen. In fact, I thought is was all silty, until I realised that I was seeing the bottom of it, not the actual water in it, which is pretty much invisible. Walking through the forest was rather humbling – the trees are sooooo big. They did, of course, log Fraser Island until it was turned into a World Heritage Site in 1992. Thank goodness.
The very very clear Eli Creek

The very very very clear Eli Creek

Out house, to our shame (and secret, illicit pride) was built from Fraser Island Boxbrush and Satinay timbers, which are hardwood. They are so hard, that M cannot hammer a nail into the outside of the house, he has to pre-drill the hole, which lead us to wonder how the hell they built it in the first place, considering that power tools hadn’t been invented. We learnt that they built old Queenslander houses using the wood when it was still green and soft enough to hammer in the nails. Then the wood dries and hardens and…. thank goodness for power tools!